What CBD does to the Body?

A new paper by Ujvary and Hanus reviews what has been published about the metabolites of cannabidiol. CBD itself scarcely becomes bioavailable after its passage through the liver. It breaks down into derivatives about which surprisingly little is known.

Ujvary, a Hungarian chemist, notes that “Cannabidiol has been around since the 1940s, and has been tested in the lab and in the clinic as a treatment for various diseases. One of the important things in developing an effective medicine is to look into the mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics and metabolites. Whenever a new synthetic drug is found to have some activity, the first thing you do is look into how it is metabolized, how other drugs influence its metabolism, and how the drug influences the metabolism of other drugs.” He assumes that GW Pharmaceuticals is studying CBD’s metabolites —it is a stated objective of their clinical trials— but “they wouldn’t disclose any research results at this point.”

Source: http://www.beyondthc.com/what-happens-to-cbd-in-the-body/

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