GMO – Genetical Modification or Weapon Of Mass Destruction

What Is GMO?

GMO is genetically modified organism. Biotechnology learned to extract single genes from the DNA of one organism and insert it into the DNA of another, crossing even the species barriers. For example, a gene of the insect or other animal can be inserted into a plant. As a result potatoes, for example, lights in the dark – like an oceanic jellyfish.

Which side is in charge of lobbying and forwarding the technology?

About the potential of genetic modification and the consequent benefits for mankind has been said a lot. That it is possible to grow drought-resistant plants that provide great yields, and are not afraid of pests and weeds. And thanks for that mankind may be saved from starvation.

But all this is from the PR-campaigns. The reality is far different. The main motive for large corporations to create GMO – this is salvation for their profits from the sale of pesticides and herbicides, for which validity period of patents has expired.

In agriculture, including food culture, the gene is integrated, which is able to deactivate a specific herbicide or pesticide. The one, on which the exclusive right of use for the company has expired. Now, this plant will be able to endure even monstrous doses of chemical attack, from which all living would perish.


And the seeds of genetically modified plants, as you know, have been patented.The dream of many biotech companies engaged in GMO is that all food plants have been genetically modified, and their seeds patented. But this is only one aspect of the problem. There are other, no less dangerous. In the unstoppable effort to save incomes, corporations use outdated gene modification and control technology, which is already being used for about two decades.

What to expect?

You never know, in what specific place in the new genome gene is build. And this process is non-reproducible. All plants of the new variety are straight clones of a single plant cell. In unfavorable circumstances all kind can be lost in one hour. Methods used the introduction of foreign genes actually in uncontrolled way may injure the plant genome. Dozens of important genes may disappear, while thousands of others can change the intensity of their appearance. Sometimes a planted gene gets wedged in the middle of a “native” gene. Or replicates it many times, in many copies. Genome becomes a bizarre mix of genetic fragments. These facts proved by modern methods of genetic analysis.

And what can give rise to such a warped genetic code?

In practice the new being begins to synthesize chemical substances that do not occur in nature and are useless for living creatures. But the main danger is that genetic modification significantly strengthens the so-called horizontal gene transfer.

What does this mean for us?

And that’s what. After consuming GMO corn, we do not notice how bacteria living in our mouth or the intestine take up the new genes and become, for example, manufacturers of the herbicides and pesticides. And we ourselves become factories of these substances. Now we have to fight not with traces of poisons, drifted down to us after chemical processing of fields, but with their flows generated every minute in our bodies.

In general, it seems to me, as soon as the main cause of cancer it will become GMO products, pushing banal herbicides and pesticides on the second space.


What is the real view behind the curtains?

Governments of industrialized countries comply with the taboo on discussion of these issues in the media. There are striking examples. It is clear that simply no one, any government or corporation is not interested in doing financial expensive research on the possible harmful effects of GMOs on animals and humans.

We must understand that the main reason for which corporations are investing huge money in GMOs, is not to improve the quality and taste of food. These inorganic products are kept on the shelves for months and do not deteriorate, and it is convenient for producers and sellers.

Additionally, GM-plants are synthesized so that they become insensitive to destructive poisons – pesticides and herbicides from which all living things are killed, including you and me. After pollination of fields GMO plants are cheerfully pulled up, and few people realize how much poison they have embraced after such treatment.

For example, in India after harvesting of genetically-modified cotton, they released a flock of sheep on those fields, to eat green mass left.  It was done for centuries – with sheep happy to eat the abundant green mass. But with GMO cotton, next situation occurred: five days later 25% of the population of the sheep died from an unknown illness.

In total they lost about 10 000 animals. Autopsies showed that the animals died with multiple internal injuries. Necrosis covered the intestines, liver. The cause of death was named the so-called Bt-toxin produced by genetically modified cotton.

The few honest studies that were leaked to the press, tell us an amazing thing: displays of negative effects of GMOs are not to be expected for years. It comes already in just a couple of weeks after the food test on animals, which are injected even with minor elements of GMO products. Genetically modified products cannot withstand even a rat, a model of biological survivability. And this is understandable: after all, the GMO cause changes on the level of cellular metabolism.

But what is interesting?

Many animals living in the wild refuse to eat GMO products! And even the researchers had to use force-feeding (through a tube inserted into the esophagus). Infection with altered genes is much more dangerous than the usual chemical contamination. Because it is like a flame, spreading in the dry forest.

Even from the pollen of GMO plants heavy outbreaks and allergies may occur. Many people have suffered, just working on the packaging of GMO products.                      

And how widespread GM organisms and based on its products became? Much more than you and I would like to. For example, in the US, almost all starch made from GMO corn.


What are the alternatives and what could be done?

Classical against GMO policy and method is based on organic and ecological culturing. Which has to be innovated, and this requires understanding how to realize its production, and thus to understand why it is so important.

An important area of producer motivation is the presentation of consumer demand for environmental goods and the rejection of non-environmental. After all manufacturers always aim only togmo-genetical-modification-weapon-mass-destruction-stop produce a product that has effective demand. A major role in this case is the price of the goods. Price for environmentally friendly products is higher than for products manufactured by traditional technologies, and of course GMO. It depends on the cost of raw materials. Products, which are ecological, obtained its status at great expense and without application of agrochemicals. It is known that the increase in commodity prices led to the reduce of the demand for it.

Under these conditions, agricultural producers are not interested in the cultivation of environmentally friendly raw materials. Effective this work will be only after being subject of marketing research and determination of market demand for the products of organic farming, and also support of environmentally friendly products by the manufacturers through public procurement, grants and subsidies, preferential credit and tax regime, the state regulation of prices for the products obtained in an ecologically clean environment.

GMO foods are destroying the established order in a living organism, violate the control of the central nervous system and consciousness. And therefore, by definition, they are carcinogenic.

It is really necessary, as soon as possible to STOP invasion of GMO food products. First step should be to achieve the mandatory GMO labeling. It is necessary to conduct explanatory work among all sensible people, and to organize a mass boycott of the deadly food.


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