cbd oil for menstrual cramps

CBD oil for menstrual cramps

For an unfortunate segment of the female population, cramps are a monthly struggle. Some women skate by with a minimal amount of discomfort, while others—estimated at around 10% of menstruating women—suffer from severe, potentially debilitating uterine pain. While there are numerous mainstream over-the-counter and prescription medications that claim to relieve the pain and reduce other uncomfortable symptoms, many women feel uncomfortable popping such pills—or have medical reasons they cannot do so.

The good news for these women is that naturally-derived CBD oil may be a suitable answer; in fact, historical accounts exist from as early as the 11th century detailing the use of cannabis-based treatments for women’s menstrual pain. 11th century women often applied a topical mix of cannabis and lamb fat to relieve swollen and painful breasts, and a cannabis-based syrup known as dysmenine was used in the 17th century to treat cramps. Of course, tales of historical use can’t serve as genuine proof, but it does suggest a wealth of anecdotal evidence.

Support for cannabis-based products for menstrual pain and PMS isn’t all anecdotal, however. A vaginal suppository containing a mix of THC and CBD has already been released in California that purports to induce strong muscle relaxation, relieve classic menstrual back pain and even soothe the anxiety that sometimes comes with PMS. According to manufacturer Foria, the pain-relieving benefits generally begin to set in around 15-30 minutes after insertion. While product testimonials may not reach the level of scientific evidence, the praise from proponents is intriguing.

Women who would rather not go quite as far as a vaginal THC/CBD suppository may find relief in other CBD products as well. Various CBD consumables, oils and calming body lotions (like those available here on BestCBDOil.com), are currently on the market to suit the needs of sufferers who prefer to have the healing benefits of CBD without the smoke and high of smoking marijuana.

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