CBD and High Grade Gliomas

CBD, may be useful in treating high-grade gliomas, potentially slowing the disease’s progression. Additionally, CBD seems to work through similar mechanisms as THC in terms of anti-tumor effects, except it may not exert effects through receptor activation as frequently as THC, and it does not cause psychoactive effects, CBD possesses anti-psychotic, anti-seizure, and anti-anxiety properties. These cannabinoids (and many more) work together to create an entourage effect that is much more powerful than any single cannabinoid.

Gliomas are a type of advanced brain cancer that are fast-growing, aggressive, and difficult to treat. Gliomas occur in the brain and spinal cord and result from the excessive proliferation of abnormal neuroglia, cells of the nervous system that are not directly involved in signaling (as opposed to neurons). Usually, neuroglia work in important, supportive roles to ensure that neurons are communicating properly and efficiently, and there are 3 neuroglia for every 1 neuron in the body. Types of gliomas include astrocytomas (the most frequent type), ependymomas (the most common glioma in children), and oligodendrogliomas.

Source: http://www.nature.com/bjc/journal/v95/n2/full/6603236a.html

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