CBD for Acne Research

Tamas Biro at his lab at the University of Debrecen (Hungary) Department of Physiology, University of Debrecen, Biro works with a line of cells derived from human sebaceous glands.  Applying endocannabinoids to the cells, he observed, results in the CB2 receptors dramatically “upregulating” lipid production. Blocking the endocannabinoids with an antagonist drug dramatically suppresses lipid production. Biro wondered, “If the endocannabinoids are so important for the work of the sebaceous glands, how would phytocannabinoids affect that process?”

CBD has been shown to penetrate the skin readily through a transdermal patch. Biro applies CBD in a methanol-ethanol solution. He is considering how best to formulate it for acne patients.  “The vehicle should be the easiest possible,” he said. “Think about the psychology of it.  If you’re a teenager you don’t want to put creams on your face, you want a clear solution.

The average US incidence of acne is 10%.  “Very difficult to say the actual cause,” Biro says. “They call it a ‘multifactorial’ disease. Genetic background plays a role, hormones —that’s why we see acne starting with adolescents as they enter puberty.  There can be local inflammatory factors some specific pathogens, the Propionibacteria that can accumulate and cause inflammation…”watch Get a Job 2016 movie now

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