Alkaline Diet Plan – The Best And Fastest Way To Get Your Body Alkaline

Alkaline diet plan can balance the pH of your body and prevent problems caused by the body’s acidity.

Making a diet rich in acids and low in alkaline foods is a contributing factor for many common health problems and degenerative diseases.

The ideal body function depends on a proper balance of acid particles and basic ones in the blood, lymph, urine and other body fluids. If there is a high concentration of acid (acidosis) accumulated in a specific part of the body, nearby organs can malfunction or degenerate.
This excess in the body can also be caused by

  • alcohol consumption,
  • excessive exercise,
  • low blood sugar or
  • certain medications.

There is evidence that acidosis is associated with

  • osteoporosis,
  • heart disease,
  • kidney disease,
  • hypertension,
  • stroke,
  • asthma and
  • other health problems.



When your diet contains more acids than bases, your body must balance the acids in the bones and muscles. Calcium and magnesium, alkaline minerals are released from the bones to balance the pH of the body.

The pH diet, also known as alkaline diet plan, is a method that adjusts the diet to make the blood pH more alkaline. According to the method, this change would be enough to encourage the elimination of toxins.
In practice, this means eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, while red meat and whole milk are aside.


How do I know if my pH is acid?

If you want to find out what is the pH of your body, you can for example use pH strips at home to test your saliva and urine. Perform these tests first thing in the morning and for at least a week to ten days so that you can get an average.


Our blood has an alkaline pH, from 7 to 7.5. In some situations such as stress, poor diet, aging and pollution make our blood becomes more acid, which causes weight gain, and cardiovascular disorders and diseases such as cancer.

In alkaline diet plan, acid food (sugar, caffeine, animal protein and processed food) are kept to a minimum level of your total caloric intake, while the alkalizing foods (fruits, vegetables and root vegetables) should be part of the rest of the diet.

To make the alkaline diet plan is necessary that your menu contains at least 70% alkaline foods and 30% of acidic foods.

This division can be made through the number of meals thus making the 6 meals a day, at least 4 of them should contain only alkaline food. You have to be careful because the acidity and alkalinity of food should be measured only after the digestion of the food.

For example, citrus fruits, known for their acidity in flavor, have alkaline effect on the body after they are digested.

Some of the main foundations of the alkaline diet plan

are as follows:

You must eat every three hours. That is because the fasting body produces acidosis through muscle mass burning;

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and cigarettes;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Try to manage stress through physical exercise;
  • Start every meal with a salad and raw vegetables;
  • Season with apple or lemon vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and herbs like oregano, rosemary and basil;


Use these alkaline-acid food charts as a general guide for your alkaline diet plan




Benefits and Cautions from the Alkaline Diet Plan

Proponents of the alkaline diet plan in the alternative medicine field say they’ve seen it work very well against a large variety of common illnesses and complaints including frequent colds, anxiety, headaches, and overall low energy. It’s also to loose weight in a large number of those who have tried it, which makes sense because of the preponderance of vegetables and fruits and lack of processed food in the diet.

The alkaline diet plan is not recommended for

  • children,
  • those with heart disease,
  • kidney failure,
  • or women who are pregnant or nursing.

Of course that for all the people who want to try to follow this diet (or any other one), should consult their doctor first.

The table below describes some pros and cons of alkaline diet plan:

EAT BETTER FOOD: This diet puts on the menu healthy food such as vegetables, fruit, and removes fatty meat, white flour and processed goods that in excess, are bad for health. So if the alkaline diet plan is well-balanced, it can function as a nutritional education.WITHOUT CALORIES CALCULATION: Any diet for weight loss should be concerned about the number of calories, after all, the weight loss equation is simple: you lose weight when you spend more calories than you consume them during the day. There is no evidence whatsoever that the elimination of toxins causes loss of weight, as this diet promises, and besides, men and women in different age groups have different caloric needs,so ignoring this value can be harmful to health.


LOWER LIQUID RETENTION: any food generates toxic residues, that are naturally diluted in water by the body. Therefore, if you ingest more toxins, you increase fluid retention. By keeping the pH blood more alkaline, the alkaline diet plan promotes the elimination of toxins. Statistics say that this diet eliminates up to eight kilos in a month, but most of this loss corresponds to water.DOES NOT ELIMINATE FAT: the elimination of toxins does not promote weight loss, as promised by the alkaline diet plan.
INCREASE WHOLE FOOD CONSUMPTION: alkaline diet plan encourages the consumption of whole food, which contributes to the nutritional quality of food and also to improve digestion. Moreover, increased consumption of whole grain food lowers the glycemic rate reducing thus release of insulin into the body and promoting satiety.LOW MEAT CONSUMPTION AND DAIRY: one side, the consumption of these products is bad for health, but on the other hand, if they are consumed in the correct amount, they ensure calcium and proteins we need on a daily basis.
ENCOURAGE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: The alkaline diet encourages the practice of physical exercises, that is essential to increase the daily caloric use and accelerate weight loss.MAY LACK NUTRIENTS: as the alkaline diet plan is unbalanced, if the person is unable to adequately replace the nutrients, this can lead to a lack of energy for physical activity.
INCLUDES ALL FOOD GROUPS: alkaline diet plan is different with respect to other restrictive diets, it covers all food groups, even giving priority to those foods that make the blood alkaline.DON´T CONSIDER INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS: like other fashion diets, people end up making the alkaline diet plan without medical supervision, which can be dangerous for people who have special needs. For example, for those who have anemia, this diet is not recommended.
ENCOURAGES THE CONSUMPTION OF NATURAL FOOD: these kind of food, in addition of having high sodium content,they are very caloricDIET AND MONOTONOUS: it is a restrictive diet, so it is difficult to maintain the diet for long time.

Alkaline Recipe Meal Plan During Your Day

If you like to plan your meals in advance, there are many options in internet for you to set up an alkaline recipe plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can help you stick to your diet plan for a long time.


A good way to start the alkaline diet plan is to modify your breakfast. Instead of having many doubts how to plan a good breakfast, there are several recipes available for Smoothies. Preparing a breakfast Smoothie is easy and you have plenty of choices for alkaline fruits and vegetables. Mix them all every morning and go to work feeling satisfied. Don´t forget to top them off with a healthy nuts or seeds to help balance your system and fill you up.



For those who work outside, there are two nice options for lunch:

  • you can eat a big colorful salad, with many options of vegetables listed above, or
  • you can take an alkaline soup, for example such as chilled avocado tomato soup, pumpkin and beans soup.



Snacks at work can be a good opportunity to improve your alkaline diet plan, there are lots of options for these moments: what about to carry some bags with you containing pieces of carrot, celery, cucumber? You also can bring a mixture of seeds (for example almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and cashews) that will help you avoid that mid-afternoon crash.



For the dinner time, we suggest that you make a complete meal, with appetizers, salad and main dish.

To start off with an appetizer you can for example choose stuffed tomatoes or stir fried greens. Stir fries are a simple way to incorporate veggies that you are unfamiliar with into your diet. Start with the freshest vegetables you can find at the market, chop them up, mix them all and saute on low to medium heat in a large pan with high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Main dishes may include a variety of sweet potato with fresh vegetables.


If you want to make dessert, there are lots of healthy receipts such as jams and pudding, made with alternative seed milk and alternative kinds of flour.

Just because you are trying to make the alkaline diet plan, it doesn’t mean that you should have to give up on enjoying rich and satisfying meals. Finding delicious creative food combinations should provide you with all the nutrients you need, and healthy meals and desserts will allow you to preserve a healthy pH level in your system.

Another tip that is very important to remember all the time: most traditional proteins, including meat, fish, shellfish, and eggs are acid, so they will be restricted/prohibited during the diet.

Fortunately it is possible to consume all the protein you need in a day without eating animal products or dairy. However, to reach this important goal you need to eat A LOT more greens. Leafy greens is where you will get the majority of your proteins, as well as with soy and tofu.

Finally, to help with your digestion, include in your diet alkaline plan a lot of spices, herbs and teas that can provide you with the flavor your body needs and bring harmony back to your internal organs. Some examples are: cinnamon, curry, ginger, chili pepper, sea salt and all herbs are all alkaline. Think of these ingredients all the time and challenge yourself to integrate them into your daily meals.




To be successful while making the alkaline diet plan, always listen to your body and remember to make the question: what do I really want right now? The answer is always energy, we need energy to survive. So every time you eat or drink something, make intelligent choices, take the opportunity to take care of yourself.

The most important thing to remember when beginning an alkaline diet plan is that you don’t have to eat 100% of your foods one way or another. This alkaline diet plan is simply a guide to help you make healthier choices in your diet. So have fun with it, take the opportunity to try things you’ve never heard of, make some new recipes! It will compensate after some time when you will start to feel good and full of energy throughout the day.


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