Industrial Hemp

4 Economy Boosting Hemp Products

Here are four of the estimated 20,000 or more products that can be made from industrial hemp.

1. Paper
Did you know that the Declaration of Independence is printed on paper made from hemp? The fibers of the plant are ideal for fine stationery and other types of paper products. In fact, hemp is regularly used for production of bibles by manufacturer Kimberly Clark, this type of paper can last for hundreds of years and be recycled more frequently than traditional paper without quality degradation.

2. Food products
Hemp oil and hemp seed have unique nutritional value and can be incorporated into a variety of healthy foods. The oil is routinely used in margarine or on its own for sautés and salad dressing, while the seed is often used in cereals, granola, protein powder, and breads, as well as distilled into ice cream and milk substitutes. Hemp products can also be used as animal feed.

3. Clothing and textiles
Not only can hemp be produced more cost effectively than cotton, its fibers are stronger and much more durable as well as softer. What’s more, the hemp plant itself is more resilient than cotton, enabling it to grow in a variety of climates and without as much concern about animals and inclement weather conditions.

4. Beauty products
Companies like The Body Shop and Dr. Bronner’s Soap have harnessed the power of hemp in their lotions, soaps, moisturizers, and cosmetics. Hemp oil is a natural moisturizer, making it the ideal ingredient for everything from lip balm to shaving cream to massage lotion. And its uses in the skin care realm go beyond cosmetic: Hemp oil can also be used to treat irritating conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Industrial hemp has the potential to make just as big of an impact on the nation’s economy and agriculture. It can also be an alternative to traditional medicine in the form of CBD Oil products like ours.

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